From the Kids

Thank you for awarding the grant money. My goal this year was go to Nationals in Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Railjam. I accomplished my goals and finished 5th in Slopestyle, 2nd in HalfPipe and 27 in Railjam. I learned a cork 720 and an always 900. I had a lot of fun with my friends, brothers and coaches.

-Park and Pipe– Age 12

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the generous grant that you gave me this past winter. I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous help that this was to me this season. My family’s financial situation makes it difficult to participate in the sport of ski racing, but you made it possible from grants for the past two seasons. I cannot say enough good things about the program and the staff that makes Winter Park the incredible training facility it is for athletes. My best result was 21st in the GS at Winter park. Without you contribution this would not be possible. I will continue to work hard on the hill and over the summer to stay focused on accomplishing my long term goals.

-Alpine Racer-Age 18

Thank you for the scholarship this winter. I was in Big Mountain and I really got a lot out of it. I was in my first competition and did pretty good. I really learned a lot and got much better in skiing. I would like to do it again next winter. I live with my grandparents and they can’t do much so this was a big help.

-Big Mountain Skier- Age 15

Thank you for the incredible generous grant, the money that I received has helped me in so many different ways. I have learned time management on how to balance my ski schedule and my school work. It has helped me achieve my goals and to improve in alpine racing. You have given me a give that will last a lifetime. The experiences and growth that skiing has given me are precious to me. I
really love ski racing- thank you for making it possible!

-Alpine Racer, Age 17

Thank you for the financial support you have given me for my program fees and travel fees this past winter . Without your support I would not have had the successes I have had and I would not have been able to compete
in the Jr. Freeski Worlds in Valmaleneco, Italy, Revolution Tour in Seven Springs, PA. and the US Freeski Team Project Gold Camp in Mammoth, CA. I will do my best to make the Winter Park Resort and the Competition Center proud.

-Freeskier, Age 17

Thank you for helping me be part of the Ski Comp team. My favorite part of the sport is doing jumps. I like my coaches Steve and Matt because they make skiing fun. They are good at teaching me new things. This year I feel more confident on the mountain. I love to ski!

-All Mountain Devo, Age 10

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